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Financial Planning

At its core, Financial Planning is about you understanding and engaging with your money.  The planning process is simply that – a process.  It helps to clarify the various moving parts of your financial livelihood with a measured and calculated approach to create a defined path for your financial future.  Financial planning is not about buying products, like investments or insurance, but it is putting the pieces into place to help make sensible decisions in order to do what is most important in your life.

Financial planning is not just maximizing returns, it’s about making sure your money works for you in order to live the life you wish to have.  From striving to provide financial preparedness for you and your family, paying for college, vacation memories that last a lifetime, or living the retirement of your dreams that for which you have worked hard.  At MassMutual South Texas, we can help you define and prioritize your goals and make adjustments to your plan as needed through an ongoing relationship.

Planning may involve working with your tax and legal advisors to help ensure that property is titled correctly to avoid costly, legal entanglements, thinking about how a family would manage after the loss of a loved one, managing expenses, paying for college, or leaving a legacy to others.  Financial planning incorporates all of these elements together to form a coherent, ongoing strategy.  MassMutual South Texas employs a team of experienced professionals with the knowledge, skill, and experience to help you succeed

Four Cornerstones of Financial Planning

Cash & Liability Management

We can help you balance short, mid, and long-term liquidity needs with overall goals.

Investment Planning

We can help define the timeframe for your goals, along with your tolerance for investment risk which play a critical role in the strategies we recommend for you.

Protection Planning

We can help you identify insurance gaps and design strategies to help protect the ones you love. 

Tax Planning

We can help identify strategies, conduct analysis, and make recommendations to help reduce future tax liabilities.


Financial planning services are offered only through approved Financial Planners of MML Investors Services, LLC.